Extended Warranty

Once the Manufacturer’s warranty cover expires, every customer is exposed to significant costs of rectifying mechanical or electrical breakdowns.

As vehicles age, components are likely to fail and it won’t be just the cost of parts replacements but also additional labour charges and fitting as well.

Option of choosing an Extended Warranty reduces the financial impact of unexpected repairs.

  • Ultimate Peace of Mind
  • All Mechanical and Electrical Protection
  • Easy Claims Process
  • Labour and Parts Covered
  • Extension for 12 and 24 Months

Service Contracts

Service contracts give you peace of mind. Those who take our service contracts do not have to constantly worry about when their vehicle will be due for service or how much it will cost. Once taken, our service team will keep a track of your vehicle needs and keep you updated on when you need to bring it in.

Vehicle Testing Service in UAE

AG Cars Vehicle Testing Centres at Al Mamzar is strategically located so that one can reach them fast and easily. With multiple test bays, with separate lanes for motorbikes, light vehicles, and heavy vehicles, your vehicle can breeze through the testing process in no time.

AG Cars Vehicle Testing Centres are RTA Approved and have an in-house RTA facility for issuance of registration/renewal documents and other related services.

Experience fast vehicle testing in less than 20 minutes when you visit AG Cars Mamzar! We are open to serving you from Sunday to Thursday, 7:00 AM to 9:30 PM. On Friday, it’s 4:00 PM to 9:00 PM.

To know more, check: https://g.page/ag-cars-vehicle-testing-mamzar or Call 600 540045

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Car Diagnostic and Repair Service in UAE

The car diagnostic test can reveal problems associated with your vehicle's engine, transmission, brake systems, electrical system, driver-assist system, body control modules, safety systems, and other control systems. Our experts at AG Cars by Al Ghurair, recommends you to carry out the Diagnostic Test once in a year at least and definitely if you are planning to buy a pre-owned vehicle. We care for your precious asset.

To book an appointment, Call 600540045 or visit our nearest car service centre in your area.

Headlight Restoration Service in UAE

Headlights play a crucial role in terms of having a safe drive at night time. As a responsible driver, you want to have a smooth drive and to avoid accidents as much as possible. Maintaining it is key to having a safer driving experience.

Most of the headlights today are made out of plastic which is prone to damage due to environmental factors like pollution and sun exposure. Instead of replacing it which is costly, it can be restored to look good and provide safety for the driver.

Here are the benefits of Headlight Restoration:

– Improves Visibility

– Enhances the appearance of the Vehicle

– Save money instead of buying a new one

– Provide a safer driving experience.

Once the headlights are restored, you can see a clearer light coming out from the front side of your vehicle. You’ll have an easier time driving at night or other weather conditions.

AG Cars Services is the largest Multibrand Service network in the UAE with Highly Technical Team of Mechanics, State of the Art Facilities, Advanced Equipment for Headlight Restoration Service.

You can contact our call center on 600 540045 for AG Cars branch near you.

Brake Pad Replacement Service in UAE

Nowadays, most of the vehicles are equipped with disc brakes. It reduces the level of friction between brake calipers and rotors. As time goes by, brake pads need to be replaced. Every type of vehicle needs a specific brake pad replacement service. Some of the vehicles require specialized pads to reduce dust contamination and noise level.

Signs that you need to go for a Brake Pad Replacement Services

– Spongy or Soft Brake pedal

– The car pulls into one side when you apply the brake.

– Vibration when you apply the brake pedal

– Presence of squealing & Grinding noise.

– Brake light in the dashboard is on.

Apart from the comfort on the drive, steering and suspensions are safety-related components that needs to be addressed as early as it is identified.

AG Cars Services is the largest Multibrand Service network in the UAE with Highly Technical Team of Mechanics, State of the Art Facilities, Advanced Equipments for brake pad replacement service concern.

You can contact our call center on 600 540045 for service or visit the nearest AG Cars Service Centre in your area.

Steering & Suspension Repairs in UAE

Steering & Suspensions are part of the system that makes up the vehicle’s chassis which includes the unibody (or frame), brake system, steering & suspension systems & wheel assemblies. These systems work in a synchronized manner to provide safe & comfortable drivability.
Steering & suspension systems are responsible for keeping your vehicle connected to the road.

Common Symptoms of a failing Steering & Suspension system:

1. Leakages
2. Noises
3. Hard Steering
4. Alignment issues
5. Vibration

Apart from comfort on drive, steering and suspensions are safety-related components that needs to be addressed as early as it is identified.

AG Cars is the largest Multibrand Service network in the UAE with Highly Technical Team of Mechanics, State of the Art Facilities, Advanced Diagnostic Equipment and Up to date Automotive Computer Software to inspect & repair steering and suspension concerns.

You can contact our call center on 600 540045 for AG CARS branch near you.

Car Valuation and Inspection Services in UAE

Valuation is a process of appraising the current market value of your vehicle based on its brand, model, mileage & current condition. Meanwhile, Vehicle inspection is a multifaceted means of checking the condition of the vehicle bumper to bumper.

When buying a vehicle from an individual or a preowned dealer through bank finance, a Valuation certificate is required by the banks from licensed eligible companies.

Having your car or the car you are buying valuated allows you to:

1. Negotiate the value
2. Understand its current market value
3. Ensures you are not selling or buying at a loss
4. Understand the % of depreciation & track it

AG Cars Services is an authorized reliable car evaluation and inspection service provider in UAE. Our facility allows you to get both requirements done in one place.

Visit Our Nearest Workshop in your area to experience a quality service for car evaluation!

Tyre & Battery Check Up in UAE

The automotive battery is a rechargeable component that plays a vital role in feeding the starter and starting your car. It stores charge that is generated by the alternator. Battery is an electrical component which could wear out due to its age, condition or misuse.

When do you need the battery checked or changed?

• The battery is leaking
• The terminals are corroded
• The car hesitates from starting
• The engine light is On in the cluster

How do I avoid getting stuck due to battery issues?

• Ensure you’ve turned off all the lights while exiting the vehicle
• Start the engine fully when using the air conditioning unit & stereo while on idle
• Never leave your vehicle’s engine half started
• Service your car regularly where battery inspection is part of its checklist
• Get the battery checked or replaced as soon as you experience any of the symptoms

Save yourself and your passenger the hassle of getting late to an appointment, stuck in an unwanted place and the expenses of arranging a recovery by ensuring the battery of your vehicle is in a good condition.

Tyres are safety-related components of your vehicle. These are the simplest part of your vehicle which is commonly neglected causing accidents & could appear to be in a good condition visually but could cause passing failures due to its age.

Common Symptoms that a tyre needs maintenance or replacement:

• Often deflation of tyres
• Alignment is off
• Uneven wearing
• Tread is below 1.6mm
• TPMS light is On in the cluster
• Cracks, chip marks, bulges & punctures

With these signs, here are some tips that you can do to properly maintain the tyres of your car:

• Check the air pressure and top up air when PSI is below standard
• Get an alignment job done
• Fit the correct size of tyres
• Replace the tyre if needed, below the minimum tread of past the DOT

At AG Cars Services, we take pride in our store’s vast range of tyre sizes, brands and battery availability. We definitely can help you!

Visit our service centre & experience a reliable & affordable services