Steering & Suspension Repairs in UAE

Steering & Suspensions are part of the system that makes up the vehicle’s chassis which includes the unibody (or frame), brake system, steering & suspension systems & wheel assemblies. These systems work in a synchronized manner to provide safe & comfortable drivability.
Steering & suspension systems are responsible for keeping your vehicle connected to the road.

Common Symptoms of a failing Steering & Suspension system:

1. Leakages
2. Noises
3. Hard Steering
4. Alignment issues
5. Vibration

Apart from comfort on drive, steering and suspensions are safety-related components that needs to be addressed as early as it is identified.

AG Cars is the largest Multibrand Service network in the UAE with Highly Technical Team of Mechanics, State of the Art Facilities, Advanced Diagnostic Equipment and Up to date Automotive Computer Software to inspect & repair steering and suspension concerns.

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Car Valuation and Inspection Services in UAE

Valuation is a process of appraising the current market value of your vehicle based on its brand, model, mileage & current condition. Meanwhile, Vehicle inspection is a multifaceted means of checking the condition of the vehicle bumper to bumper.

When buying a vehicle from an individual or a preowned dealer through bank finance, a Valuation certificate is required by the banks from licensed eligible companies.

Having your car or the car you are buying valuated allows you to:

1. Negotiate the value
2. Understand its current market value
3. Ensures you are not selling or buying at a loss
4. Understand the % of depreciation & track it

AG Cars Services is an authorized reliable car evaluation and inspection service provider in UAE. Our facility allows you to get both requirements done in one place.

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Tyre & Battery Check Up in UAE

The automotive battery is a rechargeable component that plays a vital role in feeding the starter and starting your car. It stores charge that is generated by the alternator. Battery is an electrical component which could wear out due to its age, condition or misuse.

When do you need the battery checked or changed?

• The battery is leaking
• The terminals are corroded
• The car hesitates from starting
• The engine light is On in the cluster

How do I avoid getting stuck due to battery issues?

• Ensure you’ve turned off all the lights while exiting the vehicle
• Start the engine fully when using the air conditioning unit & stereo while on idle
• Never leave your vehicle’s engine half started
• Service your car regularly where battery inspection is part of its checklist
• Get the battery checked or replaced as soon as you experience any of the symptoms

Save yourself and your passenger the hassle of getting late to an appointment, stuck in an unwanted place and the expenses of arranging a recovery by ensuring the battery of your vehicle is in a good condition.

Tyres are safety-related components of your vehicle. These are the simplest part of your vehicle which is commonly neglected causing accidents & could appear to be in a good condition visually but could cause passing failures due to its age.

Common Symptoms that a tyre needs maintenance or replacement:

• Often deflation of tyres
• Alignment is off
• Uneven wearing
• Tread is below 1.6mm
• TPMS light is On in the cluster
• Cracks, chip marks, bulges & punctures

With these signs, here are some tips that you can do to properly maintain the tyres of your car:

• Check the air pressure and top up air when PSI is below standard
• Get an alignment job done
• Fit the correct size of tyres
• Replace the tyre if needed, below the minimum tread of past the DOT

At AG Cars Services, we take pride in our store’s vast range of tyre sizes, brands and battery availability. We definitely can help you!

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Routine Service Maintenance in UAE

Routine service maintenance is a vital planned or scheduled servicing of your vehicle as per the manufacturer’s recommendation. It is important that vehicle’s servicing is carried out as per the recommended interval as a preventive means to avoid potentially costly breakdowns.

The components on your vehicle are interrelated. Ignoring maintenance can lead to performance and parts-specific or entire system failure.

Where can you find the recommended interval? Your vehicle comes with a manual and the information is mentioned on the maintenance schedule section.

When is your vehicle commonly due for service?

Vehicles commonly has either a recommended interval of 5,000 kms, 10,000 kms, 15,000 kms & 20,000 kms depending on the brand. It is either done every 6 months or 1 year whichever comes first

What are the components checked and replaced on each interval?

There are 3 types of services that are required by your vehicle:
1. General Service – Oil & Oil filters are replaced, fluids are topped up, all components are inspected, and brake pads and discs are opened cleaned and checked.
2. Semi Major Service – Oil & Oil filter is replaced plus other components recommended by the manufacturer
3. Major Service – Oil & Oil filter is replaced plus other components recommended by the manufacturer such as spark plugs if the vehicle is not fitted with iridium spark plugs, AT/CVT oil, Filters and more.

AG Cars has both the facility and capability to carry out preventive maintenance from a quick lube to a standard manufacturer recommended servicing and here’s why:

– We use genuine parts
– We have a team of Multibrand expert technicians
– State of the art tools and facility

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Car Computer Diagnosis in UAE

Since January 1, 1996, vehicles were required to have On-Board Diagnostics or OBD. It means, vehicle have been manufactured to self-diagnose and have the capability to report. This technology allows the vehicles to alert the drivers via malfunction indicator lights on the dashboard but won’t have the capacity to exactly tell you what the real problem is. This is where digital communication ports come handy with the standard diagnostic trouble codes or DTC. With this built-in diagnostic technology on vehicles, a computerized tool is required when diagnosing & trouble shooting.

What are the most common concerns where you will need a comprehensive computer diagnosis?

1. Engine light is on or MIL (Malfunction Indicator Lamp)
2. You’re experiencing misfiring or in layman’s term vibration while accelerating
3. The gear is not shifting or there’s some delay or jerking
4. Traction light is on in the cluster
5. The pick up of your vehicle has slowed down
6. ABS light is on
7. Restraints light is on
8. ABS light is on
9. Battery malfunction light is on
10. Tyre pressure light is on
11. Brake pad light is on
12. Temperature light is on
And more…

AG Cars is equipped with advanced computer diagnostic tools, programming tools & repair equipment for Multibrand vehicles.
We can help you in identifying trouble codes as well as repairing them. With a team of Multibrand specialists, we are confident that we can help you.

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Car Air Conditioning Check Up in UAE

Car air conditioning is a system within your vehicle modified to make it compact and to fit with the engine’s components. This system allows to cool the interior air of the vehicle in hot weather, providing a cooler environment for the occupants. There are 5 major components in the AC system.

1. Compressor
2. Condenser
3. Expansion Valves
4. Evaporator
5. Receiver Dryer

When should I get my AC checked?

Get your AC system inspected when one or more of the following occurs:

1. The AC is Cooling less
2. Hot air is coming out of the vents
3. Unusual noise when you turn on the AC
4. Unusual odor when you turn the AC on

With a team of expert Technicians, State of the art facility, Computerized, and Advanced Tools, AG Cars will provide you with a dealer standard repair quality & service at affordable rates.

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Auto Body and Denting Repairs

Dents and paint damages on your vehicle degrades the aesthetics of your car. Unattended, it could also cause corrosion of the underlying metal resulting in rust formation which could incur higher repair cost and eventually affect the resell value of the vehicle.

Car denting and paint job is a crucial process. It requires skilled and trained technicians to ensure the quality is top-notch.

AG CARS is the answer to your Body repair requirements and here’s why:

– Highly trained technicians for body and denting repairs
– Specialized hand tools
– Trusted by Major Auto Insurance providers
– State of the art facilities

Visit Our Nearest Branch in your area to experience a quick and quality service for Auto Dent & Body Repairs!

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Car Polishing Services in UAE

Polishing is a process of paintwork care and appearance enhancement maintenance. It helps to preserve or restore the pristine of your car’s paint finish. It also removes small damages done to the topcoat of your car’s paint such as road gunk, bird droppings, sap, surface scratches, and swirl marks.

When to polish your car? We recommend to Polish your car twice a year. The benefits of polishing far exceed those of just waxing. While one works best with the other, polishing remains as the workhorse in the overall maintenance of the paintwork by removing aged paint, restoring depth and gloss of your car paint. It also creates the ideal surface for a coat of wax.

AG Cars Services have trained polishing & valeting technicians who can deliver the quality you expect at a very affordable price.

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Engine & Transmission Repairs in UAE

Every vehicle has different characteristics on the drive. Any deviation from its normal performance is highly noticeable by its driver. If you feel that your car is not performing as it used to, or you notice obvious signs such as unusual burning smell, engine cranking but hesitates to start, poor or delay in acceleration or jerking on drive, get your car diagnosed and repaired immediately to avoid further damage which will cost you more money and inconvenience.

Symptoms that indicate Engine and Transmission issues that would require immediate car inspection and repair:

– Engine light is on
– Engine and transmission overheating
– White smoke coming out of the silencer
– Shift shock on drive
– Oil and fluid leaks
– Burning smell
– Abnormal/excess noise from the engine

Here are some tips that you can consider in addressing the engine and transmission issue of your car:

– Inspect the battery of your car
– Ignition system
– Valve timing
– Replace fuel filters
– Repair or Replace the alternator
– Check and change your transmission fluid

Quality car service & repairs in UAE is in our DNA. At AG Cars Services, we make sure that your vehicles are in good hands by creating a team of experienced technicians who’ll handle the transmission and engine repairs of the heart and brain of your vehicle. We aim to give affordable car maintenance services at any of our car service centers in the UAE.

Points why you should consider our service center:

– Thorough diagnostics team
– State of the art diagnostic and repair tools
– A certified and highly experienced technical team
– Reliability and Trusted for Generations


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Auto Wheels & Brakes Repair Services in UAE

When it comes to car safety, brake system is a topper of the list. Have your brakes regularly inspected to make sure they are in safe working condition.

Your vehicle’s brake components are wear and tear items which would require maintenance and replacements periodically or as per usage.

A thorough inspection should include brake lining wear, brake fluid level, discs and pads thickness, condition of hoses and brake lines, brake and dash warning lights.

Signs that you need to get the wheels & brake condition of your car checked:
– Vibration or juddering while braking
– Squealing noise from the brakes
– Brake warning light is on the cluster
– Inefficiency and brake grabbing
– Low or spongy pedal

What to do when you experience the above conditions?
– Immediately take your vehicle to a reliable service center in the UAE for inspection
– Ensure that you are not driving below the minimum safety thickness of the discs and pads
– When recommended, consider replacing the worn-out or faulty parts immediately

Your safety is our priority. Our car service centers can provide you with a reliable but affordable car maintenance services. Our one-stop-shop service centers are set up to provide all our customers with a positive experience and minimize your inconvenience.

Points why you should consider our car service center in UAE:

– Highly Technical Team of Mechanics
– State of the Art Facilities
– Multi-Brand auto repair and maintenance
– Advanced diagnostic equipment and automotive computer software

What are you waiting for? Visit Our nearest Car Repair Centre in UAE to experience our quick and reliable services!