Car Mechanical Services in UAE

Our Mechanical Services provides all types of repairs ranging from a Manufacturer’s recommended Periodic Maintenance, Vehicle Inspection, to minor & major repairs in UAE at an economical rate with a Tier 1 quality that provides our customers the ‘Value for their money’.

Vehicle Maintenance and Repair plays a vital role in ensuring your vehicle’s performance is as per standard to its make and model. If you’re having a hard time, then ask assistance from AG Cars, a reliable car service centre in UAE.

Symptoms which may tell you that you need your vehicle mechanically inspected:
– Vehicle is pulling to the left or right
– Abnormal body or steering vibration on drive
– Squealing or spongy brakes
– Poor pick up
– Cluster signs are on
– Under chassis harshness and noises
– Poor air conditioning inside the cabin
– Leakages
– Delay in gear shifting
– Engine and transmission overheating

Tips to avoid costly repairs:
– Maintain your vehicle as per the manufacture’s recommended interval and standards
– Get your vehicle inspected as soon as you notice some abnormalities or changes to its state and performance
– Carry out your repairs from a reputable repair center

AG Cars Services is a Multi-Brand car repair specialist in the UAE. With our team of experienced technicians, we aim to provide you with quality service with warranty at the most affordable price.

Reasons why our car service centre is the answer to your auto mechanical service and repair requirements:
– Highly experienced and Certified team of Technicians
– State of the Art Facilities
– Experienced Multi-Brand Service & Repair Center in the UAE
– Advanced Diagnostic Equipment and Automotive Computer Software
– Accessible branches across the region
– Reliability and Trusted for Generations

Visit our nearest workshop in your area to experience a quality service for car mechanical repairs!


Periodical Maintenance

A regular Periodical Maintenance can help keep your car running its best and will help prevent large repairs, keep your car running safer, longer and improve the fuel efficiency of the car. Failure to perform the Periodical Maintenance Services may result in car breakdowns and failures. Hence, it is recommended to do the Periodical Maintenance services at defined intervals or Kilometers with the various checkpoints as covered in the manufacturer recommendations.

Fleet Services

Running a fleet takes time and effort to maintain. AG CARS provides a wide range of fleet services that can help your company. When it comes to fleet maintenance, we know what suits every business. Our industry knowledge & deep understanding of our customers’ requirements has seen us help companies with as little as 2-3 company cars, all the way through to large fleets of 1500 cars.

Accident & Insurance

With our network of workshops throughout UAE we are ideally suited to take care of all accident and insurance-related works. By using state-of-the-art equipment our highly skilled technicians can restore almost any car to its original state. The top insurance companies in the country are our partners because they have inspected and found our service and facilities to be the best of standards.

Corporate Customers

With a dedicated team of relationship managers to take care of your needs, we at AG CARS offer unparalleled customer service. Helping your company on its way to the most economical solution to running and maintaining your fleet of company vehicles, we have special price packages and services.

Service Contracts

Service contracts give you peace of mind. Those who take our service contracts do not have to constantly worry about when their vehicle will be due for service or how much it will cost. Once taken, our service team will keep a track of your vehicle needs and keep you updated on when you need to bring it in.

Mechanical Repairs

Mechanical Repair includes all types of specific repair in the vehicle which on-demand from the customer or through the observations find on our inspection. Cars Workshop offers Quality Repairs at economy rates by which customer can feel the value for the money. We help customers in prioritizing the job and make the decisions.