What are the causes of Engine Overheating?

Engine overheating is a common problem which most of the car owners experiences. In simple term, the heat can’t escape the engine compartment because the cooling system is not working properly. There are many factors that can contribute to this problem.  In all cases, engine overheating can greatly affect the performance of the car and it can also give discomfort to the car owner.

What are the causes of Engine Overheating?

    • Water Pump Inoperative
    • Low level of oil
    • Blockage to coolant circulation
    • Deterioration of coolant
    • A leak in the cooling system
    • Faulty cooling radiator fan

One of the most important things to do for your car is to maintain it properly. By doing this step, you can prevent the problem to occur. If you ever experienced the following signs, drive to your trusted car service centre and let the car experts inspect your car.

At AG CARS Services, we are confident that our team of car repair experts can help you solve this problem.  Furthermore, we are equipped with advanced tools for Multi-brand Vehicles.

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Car Mechanical Services in UAE

Our Mechanical Services provides all types of repairs ranging from a Manufacturer’s recommended Periodic Maintenance, Vehicle Inspection, to minor & major repairs in UAE at an economical rate with a Tier 1 quality that provides our customers the ‘Value for their money’.

Vehicle Maintenance and Repair plays a vital role in ensuring your vehicle’s performance is as per standard to its make and model. If you’re having a hard time, then ask assistance from AG Cars, a reliable car service centre in UAE.

Symptoms which may tell you that you need your vehicle mechanically inspected:
– Vehicle is pulling to the left or right
– Abnormal body or steering vibration on drive
– Squealing or spongy brakes
– Poor pick up
– Cluster signs are on
– Under chassis harshness and noises
– Poor air conditioning inside the cabin
– Leakages
– Delay in gear shifting
– Engine and transmission overheating

Tips to avoid costly repairs:
– Maintain your vehicle as per the manufacture’s recommended interval and standards
– Get your vehicle inspected as soon as you notice some abnormalities or changes to its state and performance
– Carry out your repairs from a reputable repair center

AG Cars Services is a Multi-Brand car repair specialist in the UAE. With our team of experienced technicians, we aim to provide you with quality service with warranty at the most affordable price.

Reasons why our car service centre is the answer to your auto mechanical service and repair requirements:
– Highly experienced and Certified team of Technicians
– State of the Art Facilities
– Experienced Multi-Brand Service & Repair Center in the UAE
– Advanced Diagnostic Equipment and Automotive Computer Software
– Accessible branches across the region
– Reliability and Trusted for Generations

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